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About "Conversations With Coach Wooden"


John Wooden coached UCLA's winningest basketball teams over the course of his 30 years there. While many basketball and UCLA fans know much about John Wooden, this book offers some surprises about this humble and kind man. John Wooden was called the "Wizard of Westwood" - a title that he disliked. He considered himself to be a teacher first,mayhap a coach. John Wooden talked more about learning and giving your best than he did about winning. In fact, he rarely talked about winning. John Wooden was a man of great integrity. His personal likes and passions become real in this book, and by the time you finish, John Wooden will be almost like a friend! Gary Adams was privileged and pleased to have shared an office at UCLA with John Wooden over the first third of his own tenure at UCLA, during which he also set records at UCLA. These two humble men have never recognized their own greatness - but they did recognize each other's and became fast friends. This book developed over years of quiet note-taking and remembering on the part of Gary Adams, from those years sharing the office with John Wooden. When we knew that John's health was failing fast in 2010, Gary began to organize hsi notes, thoughts and memories. With the belssing of both Coach Wooden and his family, "Conversations With Coach Wooden..." became a reality through to partnership with Santa Monica Press. While it is also available on Kindle and other devices, we felt that this collection of stories, memories and adventures about both the author and the subject, and their respective sports, deserved to be a keepsake quality volume, and so we offer this book in both forms, but enthusiastically encourage the purchase of it as a hard cover edition. As my own mom said "you don't have to be s sports fan, because this is a great story-telling book!" Indeed it is! For quantity orders for reading clubs or smaller stores, please contact us directly for special discounts. 

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