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Sandy Adams earned her Bachelor's of Science at Cal State Fullerton, where she met her husband Gary. Prior to and well after her college years, she had been riding, training and competing in various equestrian sports, competing and sometimes winning in such dsciplines as jumping, dressage, endurance, sorting, flat equitation, and western, on such breeds as Quarterhorses, Connemaras, Welsh ponies, Thoroughbreds, and especially Arabians. Several of her horses were well trained in Search and Rescue, as well. Over the years, Sandy has owned, bred, bought, sold and competed about 100 horses. Settling on Arabians as the horse of choice – since they are called "the versatile breed" – the Adams family raised up two daughters, many rescued dogs and several dozen Arabians. Having taught horse mastership and jumping for two decades, Sandy finally retired from teaching when they made the move to Bear Valley Springs. Falling in love with endurance riding brought more challenges, one of them being the total lack of suitable record-keeping books to keep those records so important to keeping a distance horse sound and working. So she published her own. Having heard complaints from her "show friends" that these logs did not work for them,  she proceeded to publish another booklet for those "other disciplines."  Finally, the book "Camptown Races" highlights the more humorous side of getting to know the sport of endurance riding. Just out in late 2014,  "Creature Comforts: When Your Pet Says Goodbye...And Other Things," touches on the beauty of the relationships with those pets and their people.  For anyone who has loved a pet and lost a pet, or considers adding one to their family, this book is for you. Touching and true, this collections of true stories will warm your heart and make you hold those loveable furry friends even closer. Available now from this site and on this summer! 

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